Society Constitution


(1) The name of the Society is The Exhibition Golf Society.


(3) The aim of the society is to provide Golf and other leisure activities for it’s members on a regular basis.

(4) The Officers of the Society are:-  Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice Captain (Voted at AGM 1999) & Handicap Secretary (Voted at AGM 2012)

(5) The officers of the Society will form a committee who are responsible for the running of the Society and who’s decision will be final.

(6) The Officers will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

(7) The Officers are empowered to co-opt a Replacement Officer if for any reason one is unable to continue during the year.

(8) The Society was formed on the 30th April 1997.

(9) The Society’s financial year will end on the 30th April. The Secretary will notify the members of the Annual General Meeting which will take place in January of each year (Voted at AGM 2013), at a time and place decided by the Committee.

(10) Membership will be open to any individual who has attained the age of 18 years and has satisfactorily completed the application form and submitted it to the Committee with the membership fee.

(11) The Committee will have the sole discretion regarding the suitability of an individual for membership and their decision will be final.

(12) The annual membership fee will be £15.

(13) There will be no reduction of membership fee regardless of the date of joining.

(14) Any member not paying the membership fee will be removed from membership without notice.

(15) The Committee may terminate memberships where deemed appropriate and their decision will be final. Members have a right of appeal if additional facts or information are forthcoming.

(16) The Committee will arrange golf competitions and notify the members by placing a notice in the Exhibition Public House, and such other places as the Committee deem fit. The cost of entry will be determined by the Committee.

(17) Places in the competitions will be allocated to members and their guests on a “first come – first served” basis provided the entry fee has been paid in full.

(18) Guests of members will be allowed to take part in competitions, subject to Rule 17, but will not be permitted to take part in more than 4 competitions throughout the Society’s year. Guests will pay an additional entry fee of £2.00 for each competition. Guests who win a competition may not take a trophy or any prize.

(19) This constitution can only be amended by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting decided upon by the Committee. Members will be informed in writing to their last known address, but each member has one vote which can only be by personal attendance at the meeting.

(20) The Society may be dissolved by Special or Annual General Meeting in accordance with Rule 19. A special General meeting will be arranged if 5 or more members request one by notifying the Chairman or the Secretary in writing. All Society’s funds remaining on dissolution will be shared equally between all paid up members.


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