Minutes from the 2021 EGS AGM

Minutes from the AGM of the Exhibition Golf Society on Wednesday 8th December 2021 at The Exhibition Pub

Meeting started at 19:01

Present: Steve Tatham (Chairman), Rob Syer, Andy Wren, Nick Pedlar, Nick Syer, Paul Jones, Phillip Malley, Dan Pedlar, Helen Frampton, Alison Hubbard. Steve Foster (19:06)

Apologies: Paul Field, Stuart Wren, Debra Syer

Minutes from the last meeting were agreed

Next Event: A few early 2022 games have been booked and will be advertised on the website ASAP

Captains Report
It’s been a strange year of golf for EGS with COVID still very much being a thing. Regardless, we still managed to have a good year even with everything going on in the world and here is my insight into all of it.

We missed out the first three planned events due to courses being closed as COVID restrictions were still in place. When we did manage to get up and running in April with our first event being at Cambridge Meridian, everyone was eager to get back out there after such a long time. Unfortunately, I still didn’t manage to avoid the tradition of it raining on your first event in charge as Captain, even though it was held in April. I can only thank the British weather that the tradition was upheld. 

It has been a busy year trying to get a years’ worth of golf into 9 months. Big thank you to Steve Foster for booking the events this year and also managing to book in two rounds a month between April and September so we could make up for the rounds lost at the start of the year.

One special mention I think I need to make is to my Vice Captain, Stuart Wren. Well done on getting your first Hole in One at Oundle back in May. It really doesn’t happen often, but I should have known better really than to leave you in charge of that one because you go and do something like that when I’m not there.

I’m also very delighted to say over the last year our ladies’ section of the society has expanded with the additions of Deb Syer, Alison Hubbard & Helen Frampton. It’s always nice to see new faces in the society and hopefully this will encourage more ladies to join in the future.

Away Trips & Charity Day

Unfortunately, not much to report as again due to COVID we didn’t manage to get away this year or have a charity day. The overseas was moved to 2022 and all being well in the world will go ahead. The weekend away and charity day are yet to be organised but I’m hoping along with everyone else we will be able to do these again next year as well.

Singles knockout

Unfortunately, due to the delays at the start of the year and with the uncertainty of what was going on we didn’t have a signals knockout competition this year. Hopefully this should return in 2022.

EGS Vs. Competitions

This year we saw the inaugural EGS Vs. The Comrades Club match which was held at Brampton Gold Club. Unfortunately, it didn’t go our way with it finishing 5.5 to 1.5 to the Comrades Club. As the Chairman said in his report, we look forward to getting our revenged next year!

Hopefully, next year we will see the return of more competitions like this, with the likes of The Quaich Cup. 

Race to Dubai (RtD)

As always, this competition is all about getting in at least 5 big scoring rounds over the course of the year, this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

Six players this year managed to get in to the 40’s but one of the does stand out in the memory more than most. Adam Clayton’s 46 points at Cold Ashby, which has certainly earned him the title of bandit this year. Which if I’m not mistaken earned the largest cut I’ve seen in a while of 4.9, Jonesy I’m sure enjoying that one.

Race to Dubai was tied going into the last round of the year with Dan Pedlar and Adam Clayton both tied on 183 points each, after both having a good year so far. Dan was only provisionally leading with the highest lowest score out of the 5 that count.

Dan Pedlar – 39, 39, 36, 35, 34 – 183

Adam Clayton – 46, 36, 36, 35, 30 – 183

Putting them both out together in the last round was planned and from what I heard led to some very good golf being played by both. But like in all competitions, there can only be one winner. Adam had a very good round and scored 35 points to finished second on the day and second overall, with 188 points. A very good effort and it must be said an outstanding RtD score which would have won most other years.

However, Dan rounded the year off in style. He got his highest score of the year by getting 41 points to take the win on the day and to claim his first RtD victory, with 190 points. It’s the highest score to go on the trophy to date, which is some achievement.

Results of the RtD:

Winner: Dan Pedlar – 41, 39, 39, 36, 35 – 190

Runner up: Adam Clayton – 46, 36, 36, 35, 35 – 188

Captains Prize

It’s been a hard decision to make as to who I would like to award this to. I’ve not seen many of you all outside of the Saturdays we meet up and play for one reason or another. Which has meant I’ve not had much of a chance to really interact and see things going on in the bigger pitcher of the society.

Based on what I have seen and what I know a few people did cross my mind. Rob Syer, Paul Jones & Dan Pedlar to name a few. There is one person who did stick out in my mind, my player of the year is Steve Foster.

Steve this year really did have his work cut out sorting out all the courses in what a crazy and uncertain year it has been. His hard work booking the courses made sure when we could get back out there, we all had a full years’ worth of events to play. I think this also tops off an amazing run as fixtures secretary which has taken us to some amazing courses over the years he has been in charge. Thanks for all your hard work!

My Special Thanks to

Steve Tatham, Rob Syer, Paul Jones, Stuart Wren, Phil Malley, Steve Foster & Paul field

I would also like to include a thanks to everyone who came along to any of the events this year, it’s been a pleasure seeing you all and to be your captain.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Your Captain,

Nick Syer

Treasurers Report

Total Funds at Bank              £4631.53

Society                                 £482.46

Overseas Trip 2022               £2920.84

English Trip 2022                  £776.00

Charity                                £452.23


Membership numbers are down to 26 from a healthy 42 before the pandemic, this has impacted on the numbers playing in our monthly outings. We have had to subsidise the trophies purchased which is the main expense the Society has, last two years we have spent £1250 including the purchase of balls.

Overseas and English Trips 2022              

These are the monies held on behalf of the members who have paid their deposits and additional payments.


Monies held to allow us to pay for any upfront costs relating to Charitable events in the future. Movement in funds over the last two years are £600 deposit for the absail of which we retained £300 from the monies raised and £10 found on the floor in the Exhibition.

Additional information

HSBC unfortunately have now imposed a £5 monthly fee to maintain the account. Also, they will now charge for paying in cheques so we will now only be accepting Bank Transfers or cash in exceptional circumstances.

Looking forward to next year. Most golf courses we have visited over the last year are only accepting card payments, another knock-on effect from the pandemic. The Society will now require payment when confirming you want to play or at least the Wednesday before the day by Bank Transfer. Refunds will be made under exceptional circumstances not just inclement weather on the day.

Social Events: The 2021 Christmas dinner will take place on Saturday 11th at 7pm

Existing Committee

At this stage the existing committee resigned.

New Committee

The following new committee was elected:

Position                Name                              Proposed          Seconded

Chairman              S Tatham                               NP                    SF

Captain                P Field                                  ST                     NS

Vice Captain         N Syer                                    ST                     PM

Treasurer              R Syer                                  AW                    SF

Handicap Sec        P Jones                                 ST                    AW

Fixtures Sec          S Wren & D Pedlar              NS                    PJ

Secretary              P Malley                                ST                    PJ


ST ran through AOB from the last AGM in 2019

Charity Day for 2022 will be at Bar Hill with the date TBC, thanks was given to RS for organising and ST will talk with PF about sponsorship.

The £41 noted in the last AGM minutes as written off was in fact recovered.

PM to continue to renew domain name and website hosting in lieu of membership fees.

DP Questioned travel distances for new courses and the general consensus was that travel time of around an hour was fine.

A discussion took place over coffee & bacon rolls and trophies to reduce the price of rounds. A vote was taken and the majority wished for bacon rolls & coffee where available. A further vote took place about trophies and it was decided that we would still have a winners trophy but scrap NP3. It was also agreed that a bonus point would be awarded for NP and NP2 on the RtD.

AW made the point that course prices have increased and it may well now be over £40 a round.

RS made a suggestion to increase EGS annual subs from £15 to £20pp to cover bank charges and this was agreed by a vote.

ST thanked all for attending

Date of the next meeting: The next meeting will be confirmed at a later date.

Meeting Finished 19:35

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