Ramsey – 13th June – results

Hi All,

Well done to all you Guys who attended Ramsey on Saturday, We had lovely weather & the Golf Course was in excellent condition for us to hack our way round….Many thanks to Scotty for accommodating us at short notice.

Okay to the important stuff – winners on the day are as follows:

  • Nearest Pin went to Tim Cleeton – Well done Tim….You are on a roll !
  • Nearest Pin in 2 went to Jonathan Quinn – Well done Jonathan….Jonesy keep an eye on his H/C
  • Nearest the pin in 3 went to Nick Syer – Nicely done Nick
  • Runner up on the day with a solid 33 points was Steve Galbraith – Great knock from someone who hasn’t picked his sticks up for months.
  • Winner on the day with a very good 34 points went to Stevie Foster – Great effort mate.
  • Captains prize goes to……Andy Wren for playing (his own version of) tennis with a tree which lead to him hitting the same ball 3 times from the exact same spot….very impressive mate, you still are the King lol!
  • It should be mentioned that your Captain had 11 (yes 11) blobs on Saturday & got away with (by the skin of his teeth) being handed the arse trophy !….I need the pubs to open !

2020 june winners

Stay safe.

Your Captain.


1 aa Full result table

2020 June results & rtf-1


2020 June results & rtf-2