Captains 2019 snapshot

Hi All,

A busy year with 17 plus events throughout this season, Most of which there are separate reports already on Website – here is an additional snapshot of the year through your Captains eyes.


Our first big event of the year was held at the lovely venue of Oulton Hall which is located in Rothwell, Yorkshire, 18 of us made the journey & for sure glad we did, Very quickly it was evident that this was an excellent choice by our Chairman with a great 27 hole golf course with excellent facilities, However on day 1 your Captain was paired with our handicap Secretary & before long he had me spraying the ball all over the place which lead to us landing ourselves on the “Sunshine Bus” We both duly stayed there all weekend, I was gutted but my partner in crime seemed to relish it & took the wheel like a duck to water, It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that he had definitely driven this Bus before!, However after several drinks during the round we soon brushed the poor golf under the carpet with excitable chat of a night out on the advice from (once local) Nick Gabb, OMG the venue that night was like a scene from the bbc soap “Life on Mars”! Naturally we just joined in & hit the Bar hard to numb the pain, I must say that during the weekend there was some excellent golf played by a good few players particularly Max & Ricky, who both deservedly went on to take the honours on a truly great weekend.

Without the Bus ride & bbc soap tour I think I could of won this !

Special thanks to our Chairman for doing bulk of organising & our Treasurer & Nick Syer for running weekend.


  • Ricky Bleasedale

Runner up:

  • Max Middleton



This event was played at Menzies bar Hill on June 22nd, A great day out which brings us all together with both the members that can’t play so much nowadays & distant members like The Bogey men participating. It also involves some of our Partners & Friends helping & playing (well done Lucy) which is much appreciated, We raised £3156 on the day for our Charity so a very big thank you to all involved, So much effort goes into this important day by so many for a great Charity that has probably touched us all at some point.

I played out of my skin on this day but my team let me down badly, for those who forgot I won it last year with ease !

Special thanks goes out to our Treasurer for organising & his total support throughout this special event.

Individual winner:

  • Andy Cluett (bogey man)

Runner up:

  • Nick Syer

Team Winners:

  • Hook Shank Redemption – Nick Syers Team

Runners up

  • The Bogey Men – Max’s Team



The Quaich Cup is a great giggle but also a fierce battle between EGS & our friends from Southampton known as “The Bogey Men”, Saturday September 7th directed the 2 teams to the great venue of Greetham Valley in Oakham, South Leicestershire.

Format for the competition is similar to Ryder Cup with Nick Gabb leading EGS & Max Middleton (normally) leading The Bogey Men, However due to outstanding leadership skills & the goodness of my heart Your Captain took the lead (again) for The Bogey Men, Of course victory followed & I raised the Cup in true style. Some may see this as Defection or even Immoral but your Captain was watching his real team carefully all weekend.

Great fun had by all but you must try harder next year boys !

Special thanks to Nick Gabb & Max Middleton for organising & running this great event.

Winning Team

  • Your Captain / Bogey Men



The first overseas trip saw12 team members head out to Spain, Your Captain had to pull out of this trip which somehow lead to his brother getting a Toothache & dropping out too, This opened the door for the Sheldrake twins to step in & duly rip up the Port of Benalmadena, All had a fabulous time both on & off the course, The boys lapped up the sunshine & are planning a return trip for 2020.

If available I probably would’ve won this too !

Special thanks (again) to our Treasurer Rob Syer for organising this trip & for Nick Syer for running it.


  • Steve Tatham

Runner up:

  • Nick Syer

Pairs Winners:

  • Steve Tatham
  • Andy Wren



This trip clashed with the Landlords but Society managed with both events at same time, The 9 EGS boys headed out to Spain with 3 Bogey Men, Although all English (apart from Taff) they were dressed like the Max Verstappen fans for most of the weekend with bright Orange tops so I have no doubts they were supporting their Captain overseas, They’ll be handy to wear if we tip up in Vandoort next year boys !

Anyway I’ve heard all the great stories & everybody had a fantastic time on & off the course, I’m hearing maybe a different venue next year so we’ll see what next year brings.

Special thanks to Nick & Max for organising & running event.


  • Kevin Ashton

Runner up:

  • Chez / Bogey man



This event was penciled in for a return to Stapleford Park which is one of our favourite venues, unfortunately the Society had another function going on abroad on same weekend but managed to get 18 players on the day, The weather just held off for us to finish & your Captain managed to win a salt pot on the day with a fabulous shot, However it was no match for the In-form Nick Syer who won longest drive & the Competition with an outstanding 40 points.

Your Captain did forget the Trophies for this event & I feel the need to explain…I had a few beers the night before with our Chairman & we decided the blame must sit with both Graham #Vice1 (for being in another Country) & Nick #Vice2 (for being Selfish and only concentrating about his own game) for this mishap….With the correct support I could of won this !

Many thanks to all Involved,


  • Nick Syer

Runner up:

  • Paul Jones




For sure this is the most torturous tournament of the year with relentless opposition & played all over the country in all weathers! , It takes total commitment & dedication to win this grueling tournament, For those who don’t understand the significance of this achievement this is what you are up against when you enter it …Great Golfers: A, Mc’garry, J,A-Taylor, R, Bleasdale….Trophy Hunters: S, Foster, S, Vandanzig, N, Gabb…Real Bandits: Chairman, Treasurer, S, Wenta….Young Blood: D, Pedler, S, Wren, N, Syer….& most importantly The Danger Squad: D, Squires, G, Allchin, J, Mills, C, Woods, A, Wren, T, Gentile, T, Youds.

Without any doubt The Danger Squad are the ones you have to avoid at all costs, They are experts is bending you & your game out of shape at any time & it comes thick & fast from all directions :Expert Banter, Mind Games, Blackmail, Shank Tuition, Black Ball treatment & of course the Dreaded Dubai Torture….Your Captain stayed strong & dealt with the all of these in his 6 matches, Sent them all West & took the prize in both Style & Grace.

It has to be said there are some concerning rumours circulating (I think I know who’s behind them) that your Captain has Abused his position & Manipulated this Competition…I want you all to know that I strongly deny the allegations of Double Entry ,Bribery, Poor Communication & most upsettingly Corruption…rest assured none of these traits are in my locker & would never cross my mind due to my “stickler for the rules” nature.

Many thanks to all Involved.


  • Your Captain

Runner ups

  • Dan Pedler
  • David Squires



This Competition is all about delivering big scores on the day & up until May / June it looked like the usual suspects (J.Mills, S.Wenta, N,Syer,S,Wren) were going to be fighting for the big one, However your Captain was hanging in there and holding his own…I just don’t know how I do it !

Paul Jones then realised Cambridge Utd were heading for yet another dreadful season so he quickly set fire to his season ticket, dusted off the sticks and started to join us again, He played in his first match at St Ives R05 with a return of 33 points, However his side kick Steve Vandanzig (also a U’s fan that bailed out) took that win with 35 points…realising the danger from both players I popped over to Cambridge & threw a few quid at them, Unfortunately Cambridge didn’t get any better nor did Steve V but Mr Jones powered through with 33,36,32,-,32,35,36 & 38, The rest of us watched him rip it up month in month out, I even had a private word with the handicap Secretary, crossed his palm with Silver!, Even the “swerve ball” cut that came his way didn’t seem to bother him!, Steve Foster & John Mills hung in there all the way but they couldn’t match the “stinging” last round 38 point finish.

This Trophy had my name written all over it, Robbed !

Many thanks to all Involved.


  • Paul Jones

Runners up:

  • Steve Foster
  • John Mills



If I could of given this Prize to myself that’s exactly what I would have done but unfortunately I couldn’t as I’m told it’s not in the rules & you all know I’m a stickler for them!, So I thought about this for quite a while & it really wasn’t an easy decision.

Nick Pedler, Andy Wren, Phil Malley, Chairman & Treasurer were all in my thoughts for this prize as they all have done & do so much for us, Also Steve Foster’s been a real “rock” for this Society for a number of years but in the end Graham Allchin got my Vote.

Graham attended every event (bar one) this year, more than anyone else, He’s been a brilliant Vice & was there for me (every time) when I couldn’t be around making sure all things were in place & also helped young Nick on as Vice#2, He’s been great with all new members too & for sure aired his views. There simply isn’t any single member bigger than our Society & we all know that, However Graham is what this Society is all about, We’ve seen the lot from him, Ups, down’s, laughter & even tears but most importantly this tells me he really cares a great deal about our Society & It’s members. He may well wear his heart on his sleeve at times but he always means well & we all know where we stand with him.

Well done Mate.



Steve Tatham

Rob Syer

Andy Wren

Graham Allchin

Nick Pedler

Nick Syer

Dave Squires

Stuart Wren

Steve Foster

And of course the Founders…..Without you Gents none of this would’ve been possible.



Well another year has very nearly passed us, We started at Thorpe Wood in January & finished back in Peterborough 12 months later, Somebody keep Squiddy away from fixtures next year !

All joking aside our Society has had all sorts thrown at it through 2019, We’ve had good times & bad times & also good news & bad news, We’ve seen Weddings, Injuries, Redundancy, Promotion, Divorce, Retirement & Illness, it shouldn’t be forgotten how United we somehow stand in the tough times & also how much we enjoy the good times.

So far my time as Captain has consolidated my initial thoughts that his society is truly a great thing, Established many years ago by Inspirational people & progressed year on year, We should all be very proud to be a part of it, let’s continue to get ourselves out there for the fun, great company & of course an excellent Charity.

I wish you All Good Health, A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Your Captain.

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