Results from R08 – Brampton on Saturday 10th August

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in this report from Brampton, F1 shut down then admin boy having a holiday!

Many thanks for all those that turned up for last event in somewhat crazy weather conditions – also thanks to the members for helping subsidize the round for the non-members.

Okay to the important stuff – winners on the day are as follows:

  • Nearest Pin went to Graham Allchin – well done Vice.
  • Nearest Pin in 2 went to Nick Pedler – nicely done mate.
  • Longest drive went to Nick Syer – well done mate.
  • Runner up on the day with 33 points went to Nick Gabb– Good knock Nick.
  • Winner on the day went to Stevey Foster – 34 points on such a blowy day deserved the win…very well done mate.
  • Captains prize goes to……Sqiddy.

2019 August Winners

Full results table and RTD below.




1 aa Full result table

2019 August winners


1aa 2019 RTD