Results from Royston – Saturday 8th June 2019

Buenos Aires,

Firstly it was a pleasure to take up the reigns again and for the first time in many years, to be captain. Albeit for only one day.

Hope you’re having a good holiday Fieldy.

I would like to thank Rob for his invaluable help on the day.

Round 6 saw us at Royston, a course that the Society has not visited for years. I can’t think why, we must surely go there again next year.

Tremendous Golf Course

To be honest if we were all part mountain goat it would have been an advantage. It seemed to me that all the holes went uphill apart from possibly two. There were many picturesque and challenging holes.

But of course what made it even more pleasurable was the weather. As to be expected in June, it was perfect. Not a breath of wind, the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect for golf. (Maybe I imagined that bit).

But seriously, thanks to everyone who turned up. It was a great turnout for what was always going to be a horrible June day weather-wise, although it did pick up a bit in the afternoon. Golf was played and to be honest, it was only ever going to be mid-thirties that was going to win. Paul Jones did just that with a brilliant score of 36, well done mate. He also won Nearest The Pin in two on the 15th. My original choice was going to be the 13th but after the pro and his assistant stopped giggling at me when I told them of my choice, they persuaded me to change it to the 15th which was a wise decision. Well done mate.

Runner Up on the day was birthday boy Steve Foster with a very creditable 34 points, well done mate. 3rd place taken by Mr Vandanzig with 31 points.

The other two prizes went to Dan Pedlar who got Nearest The Pin on the 5th which was a brilliant achievement as I honestly don’t think I could have chosen a tougher par 3 on the day if I’d tried. He also won the Longest Drive on the 17th with, by all accounts, an absolute monster.

The Captain’s Prize went to our resident Australian, Mr Steve Wenta, who not only somehow managed to get lost between the 8th green and the 9th tee, but when he finally reappeared after getting his bearings back, then announced that he’d lost his glove and couldn’t find it anywhere, only for it to be pointed out to him that he was still wearing it. Nice one mate.

Once again, thanks to everyone for turning up on this challenging day, we are all legends.
Hope Mr Gipson is on the mend too.

2019 June winners

Out next outing will be at Elton Furze on 20th July. Let’s HOPE we get the weather this time although I do remember that one being abandoned a couple of years ago in July when Ming the Merciless and his mates turned the sky black and dumped a months’ worth of rain on us in about 10 minutes. Joyous!

Full results and Race for Dubai table below.


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2019 June Results


1aa 2019 RTD