Home Weekend Away Results


This year’s home weekend saw EGS venture to Oulton Hall, Rothwell in Yorkshire, God’s Own Country, and a great time was had by all.

After a detour round Lincolnshire following an over turned lorry on the A1 (Stewie wasn’t driving this one) the Godmanchester contingent assembled to meet up with the Southampton and High Wycombe branches of EGS.  Friday saw an excellent round of 39 by Ricky Bleasedale with Steve Foster in second place with 35. On course honours went to Rob Syer for NP, Ricky for NP2 and LD to Max Middleton.

Former Rothwell resident Nick Gabb, who sadly had to pull out of the trip to work commitments, very kindly got in touch with an old mate of his who runs a pub in Rothwell so we took a trip down there Friday night. The Hare & Hounds is run by a Leeds United season ticket holder, is the HQ for the Rothwell branch of the Leeds United Supporters’ Club and sells Timothy Taylor Boltmaker at £3.50 a pint. What more could you want!! Sadly on our return to the hotel the behaviour of some of our part took a turn for the worse when around 1.30am some people decided they wanted a cup of tea!! At this point I had to go to bed, the embarrassment was too much. They even nicked the teapot but given Ronnie Sheldrake is a Liverpool fan I suppose the “honour” of him taking the teapot out of the bar was quite appropriate.

Saturday was upon us and due to the numbers a two ball had to go out first and this hour went to current Captain Paul Field and former Captain Andy Wren. The reason being was they were the lowest two scores on Friday and hence their buggy became known as the Sunshine Bus. Saturday’s results saw Ronnie win with 38 points and Chan “Bandit” Patel second with 35. NP was Paul Field, NP2 was Andy Wren and LD was Paul “The Moth” Wheeler.

We decided Saturday night to watch the Champions’ League final so what a waste of two hours that was. Most people were bored shitless and went to bed early.

Early start on Sunday and a new front nine to deal with which personally I didn’t deal with at all well. Sunday’s winner was Max with 39 points with Ricky runner-up with 35. NP went to The Moth, NP2 was Max and LD was Ricky.

Overall winner with 74 points was Ricky who played very consistent golf all weekend with Max a runner-up on 72.

In the unofficial Nearest to the Chairman Competition, Chan put in a good effort on Friday ably assisted by 3 times previous winner Steve Foster, Stuart Wren and Max had a go Saturday and Squidy put his effort in on Sunday. Given that Stuart actually hit my buggy while I was stood next to it I declare him the winner.

Stuart also won Wally of the Weekend for forgetting to take out the marker pins on Friday leaving Rob to chase round the course after him.

Thanks to all who came for making it such a great weekend. In particular a big thank you to Rob and Nick Syer for sorting out the admin, draws, etc which made life a lot easier.

Steve Tatham




Overall Results

Overall Results

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