AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Exhibition Golf Society AGM Wednesday 12th December 2018

Meeting Opened at 19:35

S Tatham – Chairman, R Syer – Treasurer, J Mills – Captain, S Foster – Handicap Secretary,  P Malley, Paul Field – Vice Captain, Nick Pedlar, N Syer, B May, N Gabb, G Allchin, P Malley, D Squires

A Wren, S Wren – Secretary, A Mcgarry, B Willis



Next Event
The next event will be held at Thorpe Wood on 12th January 2019

J Mills thanked everyone for supporting events all year. In particular he thanked his vice-captain Paul Field for helping in monthly events

John Mills also thanked:

  • Rob Syer for efforts as treasurer
  • P Malley for work on website
  • A Wren for Handicaps
  • N Pedlar for trophies


R Syer issued the Treasurer’s Report

  • Society Funds £1,500.50
  • Charity Fund £1,096.23
  • No balances for Europe trip or English trip
  • No deposits paid for 2019 fixtures

N Pedlar proposed a vote of thanks for Rob carried unanimously
Chairman thanked Rob for his hard work.

Social Events 

S Tatham thanked everyone for a very successful and enjoyable evening at the Christmas Meal

No other social events are planned at the moment


Existing Committee Resigned

Chairman thanked them for their effort during 2018

New Committee

Position Name Proposed Seconded
Chairman S Tatham P Malley G Allchin
Captain P Field S Tatham J Mills
Vice-Captain G Allchin P Field N Syer
Treasurer R Syer S Tatham N Pedlar
Handicap Secretary A Wren G Allchin P Malley
Fixtures Secretary (2019/20) N Gabb G Allchin P Field
Secretary S Wren N Syer P Field


Charity Day will be Held on 22nd June 2019

Thanks to R Syer for his efforts for Charity Day and Portugal trip

P Field to send out email in regards to new rules

Revise Handicaps and members list on Website and current email list

K Mcginty proposed an event to have a different format (will report back suggestions at next meeting

P Field to sponsor charity day 2019


Meeting closed 19:55

EGS We are Macmillan Cancer Support 2s



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