EGS Home Weekend – Forest Pines – June 2018

Forest Pines

Our intrepid band sallied forth to Forest Pines, North Lincolnshire for the annual EGS home weekend away. I’d like to report it was an uneventful weekend but nobody would believe me!!

After meeting at Forest Pines around lunchtime we set off on our first round on Friday afternoon in very pleasant conditions.

  • Friday was won by future Fixture Secretary Dave Squires on 39 points closely followed by ex-Captain Andy Wren on 37. Friday was very nearly a clean sweep for Squidy as he also took the Nearest the Pin and NTP2. His second shot on NTP2 actually went in the hole. His playing partners said it was from about 110yds. Depending how late in the day Squidy told you about it (believe me, there are lost tribes up the Amazon who know about it) the distance was anywhere up to 300yds! Either way it was a great shot, just a shame it didn’t win any money in the twos competition! The man who prevented the clean sweep was our resident workaholic, Paul Field, taking a well earned day off work and out driving all the big guns to take the longest drive. The clubhouse was selling 4 pint pitchers of Stella which would have consequences later in the proceedings!

    After an excellent meal some members retired to the clubhouse bar to watch a bit of golf and play a bit of pool. A few of the more adventurous ones went to Brigg for a drink. Suitably refreshed this is where things started to go a bit wrong! No names, no pack drill but I never realised that we also had a Naked Ramblers section to our Society! A couple of our number thought it would be a good idea to wander the hotel in their birthday suits and also go and make sure other members were tucked up nicely in bed. Very considerate of them!!

  • Saturday dawned with rain forecast but our very own Michael Fish, Rob Syer, dug out his book of old wives’ weather tales and was preaching to all who would listen “rain before seven, stopped by eleven”. What a load of tosh we all thought but lo and behold it stopped at 11.10. We’ll give him the 10 minutes! Needless to say the weather conditions and perhaps the hint of a hangover or two meant that scoring wasn’t as high but Stewie Wren came in with a very respectable 36 followed by, on countback, Max Middleton with 33. On the course Squidy couldn’t match Friday’s efforts with NTP going to our resident pool hustler Zane Sheldrake, NTP2 went to James Taylor-Alford and LD to my fellow Leeds’ fan Nick Pedlar.

    On returning to the clubhouse we discovered that former Vice-Captain, Captain, Fixture Secretary and unofficial Official Photographer Graham Allchin had gone home due to unforeseen circumstances. Needless to say Graham’s departure was an eventful one, somehow managing to get himself wedged in the kitchen with all his gear and leaving via the delivery entrance! Fortunately super-sub Tony Gentile was ready to drop everything and make the journey up to Lincolnshire to step in to the breach.

    After Friday’s excesses Saturday night was a bit tame by comparison with only Jimmi and Kulbir venturing out. Apparently the natives of Brigg gave Jimmi a traditional display of twerking which I think traumatised him a little bit! In the clubhouse bar James T-A demonstrated a very novel way of opening a door without taking his hands out of his pockets!

  • Sunday began overcast but dry as we went into the final round with Squidy the leading contender with a number of dangerous players in the chasing pack. On course honours went to Wop with a magnificent shot over water for NTP, Stewie Wren took NTP2 and it wouldn’t be an EGS weekend if he hadn’t have taken at least one LD! Squidy having played good golf all weekend found himself runner-up with 31 points on the day and a best two rounds total of 70. Bursting from the pack with a magnificent round of 41 on the day and an overall score of 72 was our winner Ricky Bleasdale.

The full results table is at the bottom of the page ⇓

This was the 20th home weekend away for the Society and having been on 18 of the previous 19 I’ve got to say that this was one of the best. Great golf courses, good hotel, great food and most importantly brilliant company!

On a personal note I’d like to thank Rob Syer for doing all the admin and sorting out to make things run so smoothly. It gets quite tedious having 20 odd people asking you the same question! Also like to thank Nick Syer for helping out as well.

Here’s to next year!


Steve Tatham
EGS Chairman

Forest Pines 1

Full results table

Forest Pines Results