Minutes from the AGM

Minutes of the Exhibition Golf Society Annual General Meeting
held on Tuesday 05/12/17 at 7pm

S Tatham – Chairman, R Syer – Treasurer, B May – Secretary, N Pedlar – Captain, S Foster – Fixtures Secretary,  P Malley – Admin Boy,  N Syer, A Wren, S Wren, J Mills, P Field, T Gentile, D Squires.

A McGarry, B Willis, N Gabb, K McGinty, S Clark, G Allchin.



NP thanked everyone as there were good numbers and support for every event with all trophy costs being covered. In particular he thanked the Fixtures and Handicap Secretaries for their work and John Mills for all his help with admin

The results for all our events and the outcome of the Race to Dubai and Singles Knock-out are detailed on the website.

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks for Nick which was carried unanimously.

RS issued the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance in the Society account is £5028.50  including £1765 for the weekends away and £2659.14 for Charity leaving £604.36 of Society Funds. However we have paid out several deposits for 2018 events.

There are still issues around the electronic transfers or members paying directly into the Society’s account. Most members are supplying information when posting payments however there are a small number that don’t, this needs to improve.

The Chairman thanked Rob for his hard work.

The existing Committee resigned and were thanked for their efforts.

The following were elected as the new Committee:

Chairman – S Tatham
Proposed    A Wren, Seconded   N Pedlar

Captain –  J Mills
Proposed    S Tatham, Seconded   R Syer

Vice-Captain  – P Field
Proposed    S Tatham, Seconded   J Mills

Treasurer – R Syer
Proposed    S Tatham, Seconded   J Mills

Secretary – S Wren
Proposed    A Wren, Seconded   N Pedlar

Handicap Secretary – A Wren
Proposed    S Wren, Seconded   D Squires

Fixtures Secretary – S Foster
Proposed    S Tatham, Seconded   B May

2018/19 Fixtures Secretary – D Squires
Proposed   S Tatham, Seconded   S Wren


Proposed by R Syer and seconded by S Tatham it was unanimously agreed to keep the Membership fee at £15. This is now due before the end of January 2018 any existing member paying after that date will not be eligible for 2019 weekend away subsidy and will not be eligible to win an event until the fee is paid. New members joining during the year will be required to pay the full fee regardless of when they join.



Steve Foster is to attempt to get some Golf Balls with the Society Logo imprinted.

Nick Gabb has stepped down as Charity Day Champion and Rob Syer has agreed to take over. The event is booked in at Bar Hill for Saturday 30th June 2018 and the format will remain the same. There was a vote of thanks for Nick for all his hard work for Charity Day and the Portugal trips.

The Chairman thanked Phil for his work on the website.

It was proposed by S Tatham and seconded by S Wren that D Squires is elected the next Fixtures Secretary for late 2018 and 2019.

A new Pairs Competition for early in the New Year was discussed and left to the discretion of the new Captain.

J Mills proposed that we have a new Society shirt which does not change each year there was general agreement with this suggestion.

There was a healthy debate about revising the handicap system and it was proposed that we adopt the Congu tiered system without standard scratch adjustments and that this applies to all events including the away weekends. Proposed S Tatham Seconded D Squires and carried by majority with two abstentions.

Meeting closed at 20.00.