Yesterday Rutland County Golf Club held the Rutland County Society Am Am competition for golf societies around the region. The EGS was represented by former Captain and current Fixture Secretary, Graham Allchin, Nigel Pauley, John Mills and recent charity day winner Steve Van Danzig.

Well it seems the great Allchin drought is well and truly over! After breaking his drought at Wokefield Park last month Graham led the EGS boys to a great score of 97 and they actually won the competition. Congratulations and well done to all of you! As EGS Chairman I’m really proud of your efforts.

Not content with just being part of the winning team, Steve VDZ continued his run of good form with a hole in one on the 17th! Expensive day Steve! Well done.

We all know how shy and retiring Graham can be so don’t be afraid to ask him about the day when you see him as he won’t volunteer the info unless asked!

Well done again to the 4 of you.

Steve Tatham
EGS Chairman


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  1. Thanks Steve for those kind words

    It was a true TEAM performance Played in really tough conditions even if I say so myself We were brilliant

    Thanks boys for a great afternoon

    Graham Allchin
    Plumbing Heating Gas Ltd
    07770 648 903

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