Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Last Saturday night was the annual EGS Xmas Dinner in The Exhibition. A good night was had by all with excellent food and equally as good company. Big thank you to Paul and all the staff for a great night.

As most of the main awards had been presented after the last event at Cromwell it was left to El Capitano, Andy Wren, to present the inaugural Captain’s Trophy award to the person voted for by the members as most deserving of it. In a very close vote the winner was ex-Captain Scarlet, ex-unofficial official photographer and current Fixture Secretary, Graham Allchin. Well deserved for all his efforts not just in sorting this year’s and next year’s fixture but his enthusiasm and dedication to the Society.

As a post-script for those of you who were at Cromwell, Graham finally came clean over the accusations of him dying his hair. After his Mum, who hadn’t seen him for 2 weeks, asked him if he was dying it he finally revealed that he’d actually been showering in his wife’s fake tan!! He was surprised that there wasn’t much lather!!

I can’t finish this article without a mention of our Handicap Secretary, Andy McGarry. Despite yours truly leaving copies of who’d ordered what lying around the tables Andy decided to claim a beef meal instead of the turkey meal he’d pre-ordered. Not a problem unless you happen to be sitting next to the bloke who ordered the beef and who also happened to be the biggest bloke in the pub, ex-Captain, Pete Goddard! To compound his mistake Andy then tried to pin the rap on Graham only for Babs to point out that he’d eaten the wrong meal! Needless to say neither me nor the landlord have mentioned it too much since then! In fairness to Andy he did cook Pete and Elizabeth breakfast on Sunday as a gesture of contrition.

All that leaves for me to do is wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Steve Tatham
EGS Chairman