Results from The Cromwell & 2015’s Race to Dubai

Hi Comrades,

Where this year has gone I have no idea but here I am making my final report as this years captain.

First of all I would like to thank all of you who have attended our events this year, turnout at every event has been fantastic & I think I can count on one hand the number of late cancelations Graham & I have had to deal with, thanks you all for your fantastic support.

Back to the buisness of the day & the results for our final event at Cromwell on Saturday were as follows.

First award of the day was contested on the opening hole for the nearest the Christmas pudding, kindly donated by our fixtures secretary Graham courtesy of Heston Blumenthal. It was won by the opening shot of the day by Dave Squidy Squires with a peach to about 10 feet, nice one Squid.

Nearest the pin in two on the 9th was claimed by Nick Pedlar well played Nick.

Longest drive in Stuart Wrens absence was collected by Paul (long John) Jones with a monster on the 12th, good shot Paul.

Nearest the pin on the 15th was again claimed by Nick (Pin Seeker) Pedlar with a beauty to 2ft, shot Nick.

This months captains prize was replaced by The Christmas pudding award,an extra trophy supplied & awarded by Graham.After missing a vital 8inch putt on the 15th during a neck & neck battle for the knockout title this special award was presented to Dave (bottle job) Squires, unlucky Squid.

Runner up on the day with 34 points on a realy good day for him was Nick Pedlar, well done Nick.

Winner on the day with a splendid performance on difficult day with 35 points was Nick Gabb, good job Nick. The full Cromwell results are below.

2015 November Winners

There were two more prizes to be decided the first of which was a fantastic three way contest for the individual knockout contested by Squid, Steve Foster & myself that went down to the final hole. It was claimed by a fine 5 at the last by Steve after your captain bottled it & blobbed the hole, great comeback on the last three holes Steve well played.

This years Race to Dubai came down to the final day with four players contesting the honours. At the end of the day there was still a tie at the top with 172 points between Nick Pedlar & Steve Vandanzig the title going to the player with the best sixth throw away score.With a sixth score of 32 against one of 30 this years champion was declared as Nick Pedlar, great performance Nick & very unlucky Steve great effort. You can see the full 2016 Race to Dubai results below.

Once again thanks to you all for your support this year, hope to see some of you at the AGM tonight or at the Christmas dinner.

Over & out

Andy Wren
EGS captain


Cromwell Results

Cromwell 2015


2015 Race to Dubai Results

2015 Race to Dubai


2 Replies to “Results from The Cromwell & 2015’s Race to Dubai”

  1. Andy

    Although I didn’t manage to play this year, which I’ll hopefully be able to put right next year, I’d like to pass on my thanks to the excellent work that everyone puts into making the society the force it is.

    On another note, after my capitulation in Portugal. Ha Ha , Squiddy the boots on the other foot now!!😄

    Regards Sharply

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  2. Hopefully Paul it will not be long before we see your prodigious length on the course again.
    Also my thanks to all who participated and organised everything our Golf Society has been involved with this year, its been a Total Triumph,
    Roll on 2016.
    Dont forgot our legendary fixture secretary has pulled his finger out this year and produced a full set of fixtures before the AGM.

    Just click on Golf Events and all will be revealed.

    Kind Regards

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