Youth triumphs at Ufford Park!

Last weekend saw the Society’s annual “home” weekend away held at Ufford Park in Suffolk and a great time was had by all.

Friday saw sunny but blustery conditions as we set out in to the unknown for our first round on what was to prove a brilliant course. Friday’s round saw Steve Vandenzig come in as the day’s winner with a very good 32 points in very windy conditions followed home by Ricky Bleasedale on 30 points. Nearest the pin went to Kulbir Singh and Zane Sheldrake taking the longest drive with an absolute monster of a drive.

Saturday came and started in bright sunshine but soon clouded over although thankfully the rain kept away. Having scored only 19 points on Friday Nick Syer spent most of Saturday morning on the driving range to great effect. He romped away with Saturday with a magnificent 38 points closely followed by Stuart Wren on 35. Nearest the pin went to former EGS Capitano Graham Allchin and longest drive to another belter from Nick Syer. Graham managed to get inside Rick’s marker but was very magnanimous in victory and probably only mentioned it several hundred times in the bar and over dinner! Clubhouse leader after 2 rounds was Steve Vandenzig on 62 points. Special mention to birthday boy and award winning chef Jeremy who celebrated his birthday in style and still managed to score 31 points!

Sunday saw the best weather of the weekend along with some of the best golf with a lot of people recording their best scores on the Sunday. Winner on the day with the best score of any round of the weekend was Stuart Wren and, for those of you who haven’t heard, Graham Allchin was runner-up with a very commendable 36 points. Longest drive went again to Zane Sheldrake who hit a drive so long it was nearly in a different post code!! Nearest the pin went yet again to Graham Allchin who also yet again beat Rick, but Graham being the gentleman that he is hardly ever mentioned it. On a serious note, next time you see Graham ask him to show you the photos. Much closer and our favourite millionaire plumber could have been buying quite a large round!

When the scores were tallied up the major prizes went to former members of the youth section. Stuart Wren was overall runner up with 65 points and the winner with 71 points was Nick Syer. Nick still manages to throw a mean club so all those lessons from me and Foz paid off from when he was a junior!

I think the weekend was one of the best we’ve been on. The course, hotel, food, bar were all brilliant. The staff in the pro-shop, restaurant, bar and reception were very friendly (perhaps a bit too friendly in the case of Max and Mikey the barman!) and nothing was too much trouble. And of course our own company was excellent as usual. The only worry I had was on the Saturday night one of the barmaids praised us and said how quiet we were and well behaved – never a charge usually levelled at us!

I’ve done a bit of gentle ribbing of others here so it is only fair that I own up to my own blooper. On the 16th green on Saturday my putter was on the floor and being too idle to bend down and pick it up I decided to stand on the head of the club and let it spring up into my hand. Unfortunately for me I misjudged it and the handle shot up and hit me in crown jewels, much to the amusement of my playing partners!

A full table of the results is below.


Steve Tatham


Fri Sat Sun Best 2 NTP LD
Nick Syer 19 38 31 71 Sat
Stuart Wren 26 26 39 65
Nick Gabb 29 21 35 64
Jeremy 19 31 32 63
Rick Bleasdale 30 26 32 62
Kulbir Singh 28 30 32 62 Fri
Steve Vandenzig 32 30 24 62
Steve Alston 29 30 30 60
Paul Wheeler 27 28 29 57
Steve Peck 27 N/R 29 56
Graham Allchin 17 19 36 55 Sat & Sun
Andy Wren 20 35 19 55
Steve Tatham 24 23 30 54
Paul Jones 29 24 25 53
Max Middleton 22 22 29 51
Rob Syer 26 22 25 51
Zane Sheldrake 25 23 20 48 Fri & Sun
Keve McGinty 25 18 13 43
Chan Patel 20 19 N/R 39
Brian May N/R 15 N/R 15