Christmas Dinner

Last Saturday night saw the EGS Xmas dinner and presentation of the awards for our major prizes.

Paul Jones, after taking the singles trophy and Race to Dubai last year, had to be content with The Landlord’s Trophy despite playing some consistent golf all year round. Past-captain Graham Allchin collected his prize for winning the singles knockout which came down to the last putt on the last hole at Cromwell. When I say Graham collected his prize it was actually a log from the fireplace in The Ex. In a state of mild depression (nothing new there then) following Arsenal’s thumping by Man City he forgot to bring his trophy with him however our ever resourceful out-going Captain, Steve Foster, improvised by sticking Graham’s Arsenal lapel badge to the log and presenting that to him.

The next prize was the “Race to Dubai” for the most consistent player over the year which went to our ever popular Handicap Secretary, Paul Sharp. As we all know Paul is a modest man not given to blowing his own trumpet so it was quite a surprise that he received his trophy to a chorus of boos, even from the people in the restaurant who don’t know him!

Well done all 3 of you.

Paul was presented with his trophy by Steve Foster who in his speech somehow managed to combine Nick Gabb, Judith Chalmers and Ranulph Fiennes in one sentence! Surely a spot on Mock the Week awaits him!

On the subject of Captains, some of our past-Captains managed to excel themselves on Saturday night. In addition to Graham and his log, former Captains Rob Syer and David “The Legend” Jones both put in starring roles, but sadly for all present it was after they left the pub.

Rob, having finally managed to work out the difference between the wall and door in the restaurant, decided that he would seek alternative accommodation in the porch of his house rather than actually go in and go to bed! On hearing this Simon Rathbone said that this was a pretty lightweight effort as when he did it he woke up in the dog basket in someone else’s house and walked from Godmanchester to Huntingdon in a size 9 shoe and a size 11 work boot without noticing.

David as we all know is a pillar of the community and given the recent spate of burglaries in Godmanchester decided that him and his good lady wife, Jo, would form a mobile neighbourhood watch and patrol the area between The Ex and their house with both of them on David’s mobility scooter. However the local constabulary, whilst no doubt grateful for their assistance, decided that they were in control of things and suggested that they go home.

All in all another excellent night. Great food and good company. I’d just like to give a big thank you to Paul, Sarah, Jeremy and his team in the kitchen, Simon, Kasha, Anna and Jess for all their efforts in making sure we had a very enjoyable night.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all.


Steve Tatham
Chairman, EGS.