Pink Cast for Macmillan

As part of his desperate attempt not to go on this year’s Society trip to Spain and thus risk sharing a room with Graham Allchin, former EGS Captain, Dave “The Legend” Jones decided to break every bone in his foot. As well as milking it for every second by having all and sundry ferry Stella Artois and cigars out to him in his second home in the smoking shed at The Exhibition he has also been at the root of the scooter wars in competition with Brian May and ex-TT Races competitor Spider.

Rumour also has it that “Jose-Maria” Jones resorted to breaking the bones to sabotage the long-suffering Mrs Jones’ efforts to provide sustenance to the brave adventurers who sally forth every year to The Oval to witness England play cricket and see how many Sambucus ‘Mick The Cab’ can drink! His malingering has seriously hit Mrs Jones’ lemon drizzle cake production to the extent we are contemplating having to get shop bought ones!

However every cloud has a silver lining! As part of his malingering “Seve” Jones has to have a cast on his leg and foot which is finished in a very fetching colour which changes every time he needs his cast changed. Spotting an opportunity to raise money for Macmillan our award-winning chef and EGS member, Jeremy Ireson, challenged “Sergio” Jones to have his next cast coloured pink with a payment of £100 to Macmillan if he did. Lo and behold when “Manuel” returned from the hospital last week he was sporting a pink cast! Jeremy being a man of his word duly paid up.


A BIG thank you Dave for being a such a good sport and Jeremy for such a generous gesture!

David Jones